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“First Class” is an anthology series that catapults the audience into a parallel universe highlighting the power of HBCUS both past and present through short form documentaries and dramas. 

The James Aposlte Fields Story

Experience the awe inspiring story of former enslaved man turned Union spy, educator, lawyer, politician, and the first student of Hampton Universitwith descendant interviews, historian accounts, and dramatic reenactments. 

First Class will unlock the undiscovered and explore the history untold in a captivating and cutting-edge way that empowers the viewer to pursue justice passionately.

Episode 1 The Decision

Spirited freshman quarterback, Trey Anderson, contemplates  transferring to an HBCU after his conniving PWI college President’s racist emails are leaked. During his cross-country HBCU tour that kicks off at Hampton University, Trey must find his power and voice before President Smith succeeds in destroying Trey’s future career and family. 

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